Class Descriptions

Classic Yoga


Classic Yoga: This class embodies beginners Restorative and Stress release Asana, Pranayamic breathing and aspects of meditation specifically designed to join the physical and mental aspects of Asana and Pranayam.  Avoid eating heavy food 4 hours before the class, fruits, yogurt or  light snacks can be eaten an hour before the class. Please drink at least half liter of water half an hour before the class and keep yourself hydrated during the day. Avoid alcohol before and after the class.  Dress in light exercise clothes that are comfortable and bring a Yoga mat (or use one of ours) and a bottle of water. This class is recommend for student with at least some yoga experience looking to deepen their practice.
Consult your doctor/physician and ensure you are fit for Asana and Pranayam.  If you are suffering from any medical condition please let instructor know before the class.  You should not attend this class if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of Cold, flu, fever, runny nose or condition that needs medical attention or doctor has advised you not to do asana/exercise.