Class Descriptions

Easy Vinyasa Flow


This class is geared to the student that has SOME yoga experience but wants to now learn Vinyasa flow.  Angela  teaches classes that are geared towards challenging the mind, spirit and heart. She wants her students to leave class feeling more empowered, flexible and strong on all levels. Classes are always determined by the ability of the students in the class. It is important to Angela that her classes are accessible by all students and that everyone feels a sense of accomplishment when they are done. Although all students will have an elevated heart rate and be challenged, we will not move too quickly through poses. More time is spent getting into the yoga poses correctly and safely. Because of Angela’s slow progression, most students find that this can be even more challenging then a fast paced Vinyasa Class, due to the extra time holding a pose and having enough time to properly challenge the muscles by being in the poses correctly. And most importantly, we will use yoga sequences and poses to quiet your mind enough that you can clearly hear the whispers of your heart.